Automate invoice processing with artificial intelligence (AI)

Our innovative tool harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to automate the tedious task of invoice data extraction. Simply upload your invoices (PDF, scanned, or photographed), and our tool will swiftly extract key information such as vendor, invoice date, line items, and totals.
With our user-friendly interface, you can effortlessly review, validate, and export the extracted data to your preferred accounting system. This seamless integration ensures a smooth and efficient workflow, saving you countless hours of manual data entry.
1. Upload
Upload your existing invoices through the self-service portal or scan them using a mobile device.
2. Automate
Our system swiftly scans and prepares your invoices for import into your accounting software in the required format.
3. Export
Easily export invoice data into your accounting program using its standard functionality, streamlining your financial operations.

Test your invoice

Experience the advantages of automated parsing by processing your own invoice. Fast, simple, and precise. Give it a go:

Please be patient, as the request processing may take a few or more than 10 seconds.

Export to platforms

Can't find your platform?
No worries! You can create an invoice export yourself. We support all major formats (XML, JSON, CSV, etc).


At Cargo Invoices, we revolutionize the way you manage invoices by transforming the labor-intensive process of manual entry into a seamless, automated experience. Our advanced digital solutions ensure faster, more accurate, and cost-effective invoice processing, supporting a wide range of languages and formats effortlessly.

Boost your invoice processing speeds by up to 20 times faster.
Ensure up-to-date company information with verification through national databases.
Multi-Language Support
Support for multi-language invoice imports.
Manage large invoice volumes with ease.
Enhance accuracy with automated data extraction, minimizing human errors.
Secure storage
Invoices stored securely in Cloud storage.
Cut manual entry costs by up to 10 times.
Email Integration
Process your invoices by sending them to the self-service system via email.
iOS/Android/Windows App
Use our app on iOS, Android, or Windows for seamless invoice scanning and syncing.
Streamline operations and improve workflow efficiency.
Stay compliant with regional financial regulations.
Customize processing rules to fit your business needs.
Real-time Processing
Process invoices in real-time for immediate results.
Gain insights with detailed reports on your invoicing companies.
Easily scale to meet growing business demands.
Effortless integration with your existing ERP systems.
Dedicated support team to assist with any issues.

Captured data

Is invoice?
Indicates whether the document is an invoice or not.
Series and number
The series and number of the invoice.
The currency used in the invoice.
Issue date
The date when the invoice was officially issued, formatted as yyyy-MM-dd.
Supply date
The date when the goods or services were supplied, formatted as yyyy-MM-dd.
Payment due date
The date by which the payment for the invoice is due, formatted as yyyy-MM-dd.
Information about the seller including company name, contact details, and bank information.
Information about the buyer including company name, contact details, and bank information.
Invoice items
List of items on the invoice, including quantities, item name, and price details.
Subtotal (VAT not included)
The total amount of the invoice excluding VAT.
The total amount of VAT charged on the invoice.
Total (VAT included)
The total amount of the invoice including VAT.


1 credit = 1 invoice
Single credit price is 1.00 AED.

For 10 AED, parsing can be performed on approximately 10 few-page invoices.

For customized pricing that fits your needs, reach out to us. Our team is dedicated to offering transparent and competitive options. Let's discuss how we can meet your requirements within your budget.

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